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PKD research project

2009-09-07 05:34:27 by annanas

Join here please, every person is appreciated 02275


2009-05-23 16:09:06 by annanas


what are your childish thoughts on it?

Another update

2009-04-18 02:59:24 by annanas

Hey guys, its me again

So yesterday I submitted my enviorment presentation to newgrounds, turned out pretty good I guess, I have worked quite a bit on all of my other projects since then

Untitled Series:5% done stage: finished writing the script
So I wrote up a script for the series I was planning, turns out that if I actually manage to do this thing it will be quite big, the whole animation aspect of it. I finished writing the script for the first episode and by the looks of it I'l probably need help drawing backgrounds and what not. So for now I am putting this project on hold, until I learn how to animate better and what not.

Playstation Collab part: 15% done: some basic animation done
I'm working on it :P thats all I got to say about that

Remaking Medi Aid: 0% done: going to go start on it now
I am remaking one of my old animations, medi aid, if you are interested in seeing it just search it here on NG it should pop up :P

I know no one reads these, they just help me keep a track of my stuff

Back on newgrounds

2009-04-17 07:04:52 by annanas

Hey persons

I am back on newgrounds for the time being, at the moment I am working on three projects:

Enviorment animation: 85% done-Current stage: polishing up
A school project which I am polishing up as we speak, I will have it on NG around saturday morning so I can get alot of views :3

Playstation collab: 10% done-Current stage: planning out my part/CD
I am involved in the playstation collab for which I am making a god of war like submission (see picture of kratos below) I am still unsure about what my part is going to be, but so far I am designing it.

Untitled Series: 0% done-still looking for some inspiration
I wanted to do a series for ages, but I never seemed to come up with a strong enough idea to actually end up doing more than one episode/even start animating it. But now that I have come back to newgrounds and started animating again I think I will be able to do something... just need some inspiration

Hope all of my projects work out :D

see ya later

Back on newgrounds

hai kids

All right, so after about 9 months of not animating anything (or anything proper) I am making a new series!... this time I am actually gonna do it... Unlike PAML.
I am also taking down all of my crap submissions on this account, exept for maybe the 451 presentation, just because that is school work :D

So I hope you will all enjoy the new series, I will release more stuff about it as time goes, even though no one reads this anyway.


Hai guys
me and a buddy of mine are making a game! (yay!)
So far its actually going pretty well, I am workin on the art while he is workin on the programing. :D we hope yall will enjoy it... and I am really sleepy at the moment and... yea I probably aint makin sence now...

well here is a screen shot

a new project!!! come yell at me!

spam mail

2008-10-12 04:50:28 by annanas

spam mail is shit, I just got one and I eddited it around... I made it better :P

> >>> When she acts shy- Knock her out with a bottle
> >>> When she runs away from you- Pull out your tazor and take her out
> >>> When she puts her face near yours- bite her face off
> >>> When she kicks and punches you- curl up in a ball and call the police
> >>> When she is silent- stab her in the lip
> >>> When she ignores you- stalk her to find out when she goes to sleep
> >>> When she pulls away- grab her by her leg and dry hump her
> >>> When you see her at her worst- tell her she looks like shit
> >>> When she screams at you- scream at her in return and tell her if she wants to live till morning she is gonna shut up
> >>> When you see her walking- Sneak up on her and knock her out, then hang her by her feet in your shower
> >>> When she's scared- Scare her even more
> >>> When she looks like some things the matter- Tell her she owes u money
> >>> While she holds your hand- Break her fingers by pulling them back
> >>> I took about 3 minutes of your day now... see please dont send chainmail... its annoying


next time you send me anything I will spam the hell outta ya


2008-10-10 02:18:36 by annanas

whats up people, its me...

I made a new submission!
please vote and please please review :P

enjoy, it was a school project

in other news nothin much is happenin...



2008-09-29 23:14:46 by annanas

now send me a nice pm bitch

sexual hobo

2008-08-20 08:27:58 by annanas

Yeah I be makin this comment very clear and loud
yesterday a hobo made me silly mustache wars and I had to fight him off with my cars but he was all like penolope and I was like shut the fuck up
he tried raping the eyes of the guru who was trying to save a squirell offa the roof of the conservatorium where the age of conan video game is making the olympic runing offa a cars roof... which is for sale tomorow in walmart

stupid hobo

thank you for your attention